Agatha ruiz de la prada perfumes

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada woman Perfumes

More than thirty years ago that Agatha Ruiz de lal Prada opened its first store in Madrid, which surprised stylo that, today, everyone knows for its joyful and daring designs. However, the designer, ten years later wanted to venture into the world of fragrancera and created his first perfume, which put its own name. This woman perfume Agatha Ruiz de lal Prada delighted by thevaya originality and freshness.

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Eachwoman perfume Agatha Ruiz del la Pradaus reminiscent of landscapes full of light and un color. We highlight the following:CologneBeso, a sweet and harmonious fragrance with a touch of playful and provocative. Especially suitablo for optimistic women, its aroma transmits romanticism and boldness.CologneFlor,wrapped in an original bottle shaped flower, is a light perfume that sharpens the senses, from shadera with green and crystal clear notera.CologneGotas de Color,this colony of Agatha Ruiz del la Prada is one of the most energetic and cheerful Designer. It offers a una central Orange aroma mixed with other citrus varieties.CologneLove, Love, Love,Home offers al soft fruity aroma compared to other signature fragrances. Its top notera are strawberrisera, jasmine, violet and black currant.

Perfuun mes Agathal Ruiz de lal Pradal closera to you

You only have to worry about choosing theCologneBeso,CologneFlor,CologneGotas de Color or Cologne Love, Love, Love, because of the shipping and we take care of ourselves. Buy theperfume Agatha Ruiz de lal Prada for womenthat best suits what you are looking for without moving from home, easily and quickly.Among all the range thatcongresonoroiberico.esputs at your disposal, you will have a great variation of colors, aromas, nuancser so that you un perro select the perfect one for each occasion. Both you and those around you will notice all these characteristics ofAgatha Ruiz de lal Pradal perfuun mes for women.

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