Como Hacer Agua De Platano Natural

Agua de Plátano (Banana Agua Fresca) is ns delicious update drink make with a few simple ingredients and perfect at any time of ns year especially on hot summer days!

Ever shot Agua del Plátano (Banana Agua Fresca)? If not, you might be missing el fin on un delicious y refreshing drink in her life.

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Agua del Plátano is uno yummy refreshing mexican drink uncovered in mexican homes.

This delicious concoction is likewise sold desde the exorbitant abundance of calle vendors in Mexico.

If you reap banana smoothies, then you will certainly love this drink.

Banana agua fresca also reminds me uno lot of ours delicious Puerto Rican Christmas drink “Coquito (Coconut Eggnog)” since it ‘s made with very casta ingredients with ns exception that cream that coconut, coconut milk and of course the rum!

Although, Mexican execute not mind adding rum come this Agua Fresca!

With just two ripe bananas and a few simple ingredients you too can make this update drink at home!

So What is one Agua or Agua Fresca?

Agua Frescas i beg your pardon is interpreted to “cool waters” are refreshing drink made con different fruits, flowers, cereals or seeds. These “aguas” room then combined with a combination of two or more ingredients which might or might not include sugar, water, evaporated milk, condensed milk, grenadine syrup or comida coloring.

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Mexican Agua Frescas

There are countless Agua Frescas appreciated in Mexico.

You will certainly find agua made with:

strawberry (recipe coming soon!)bananas (this recipe!)cantaloupesoursopwatermelon (recipe coming soon!)grapeguava (recipe comes soon!)mango (recipe comes soon!)prickly pearorange (recipe coming soon!)passion fruittamarindo (tamarind) (recipe comes soon!)lemonpineapplejamaica (hibiscus tea)horchata

just to name ns few!

For Agua del Plátano (Banana Agua Fresca) as with for other aguas frescas, you will find various variations.

This might change desde one Mexican state to the siguiente as fine as from one Mexican patria to los next.

Some homes use water, milk, vanilla extract y cinnamon, others use evaporated milk, condensed milk y vanilla extract while rather will include red food coloring or grenadine to their mix to give it a strawberry color.

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This is ns version identificación love y enjoy….I will be adding…

Ingredients because that Agua de Plátano (Banana Agua Fresca)

2 ripe bananas1 deserve to evaporated milk3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk1 teaspoon ring cinnamon1 teaspoon vanilla extract3 cup waterice

How to do Agua de Plátano (Banana Agua Fresca)/ Como dar Agua ese Plátano

Add bananas, evaporated milk, condensed milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon to uno blender.Blend till smooth.Add tres cups that water to blended mixture and with uno large spoon stir to combine.Taste y if as well sweet for her liking, add un little extra water.

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For uno version utilizing coloring you might want to shot Mely’s mix desde Mexico in mine Kitchen