Have your favorite Twitch gamers influenced you to start a channel of your own? Playing extendido games on line is a great way to do friends y interact con people that have casta interests, but los tricky part is setting it increase for the first time. 

Unfortunately, streaming ~ above Twitch have the right to require ns little bit of effort, and you’ll should make certain you have actually all los right software y equipment prior to you begin. In this guide, we’ll andar you through how to currently on un PS4, uno Windows PC, Xbox One, y how come stream on Nintendo Switch.

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Creating a Twitch account

Before you begin streaming your gameplay, you’re walk to need to create ns Twitch account. Navigate to Twitch’s main website, clic the violet Sign Up attach in the upper-right corner, and enter your desired login credentials prior to clicking the purple Sign Up button at the bottom. Afterward, clic your username in los top-right corner.

Before you start streaming, head over to los Twitch comunidad guidelines web page to read up on dominance violations. These incorporate promoting racist, homophobic, y ageist views, and also making disparaging remarks around military veterans and those with disabilities. Nudity on currently is likewise forbidden, and you space expected to execute your finest to avoid your viewers desde engaging in hateful speech and harassment, as well.

Streaming from Windows or MacOS

Streaming games from your computador personal or mac is trickier 보다 streaming representar an Xbox One or PS4, as most systems nothing come con any sort of integrated software to get you started. There are subscription-based products like XSplit if you want control over every element of your broadcast, yet if you’re simply learning the basics that streaming, us recommend downloading Open Broadcaster software application (OBS). Ns software is fully free, envuelto with both Windows y MacOS, y endorsed by Twitch. If you’re just wanting to gain started streaming with ns least amount of setup, then ns Twitch estudio app is another good choice. However, this applications is still in beta and is only available on Windows.

For the purpose the this guide, we’ll be concentrating on just how to stream come Twitch desde Windows y MacOS using OBS, together it offers an easy method to present without un bunch of adicional fluff.

Step 1: Download OBS

Downloading OBS couldn’t be simpler. Come begin, click on her username in the main Twitch interface y hit the Creator Dashboard link. An upgrade to Twitch readjusted how points work, so you’ll discover yourself staring at uno page the looks like this:


Go ahead y locate los three bars in the top-left edge of los screen. Click this drop-down food selection to show a list of other choices you can select from. You’ll want to click on los Streaming Tools option. This will take you to ns page with several download web links to various streaming applications favor OBS. Find OBS in the list y click download, or cabeza to los official website here. As soon as on ns OBS website, choose ns version of OBS that you desire to download. You can choose representar Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Step 2: setting up to stream

There space all type of guides fuera there around how to get the most el fin of OBS, however, there space only a few things you’ll must worry about if you’re just getting started. The only options you really require to emphasis on room your videolapes bit rate, audio bit rate, and your encoder.

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Click on ns Output tab delaware clicking top top Settings in OBS, and ensure the your video bit rate is set to around 2,500. This should permit you to stream content at 720p, but you deserve to increase this number if you want to transfer at ns higher resolution. If you desire to stream in ~ 720p in ~ 60FPS, then it’s probably worth that to go ahead and bump your bit rate up to at the very least 3,500. Audio little rate must be set at 128 regardless of your resolution, though you can also lower this if your web speeds are less than ideal. If you’re running a Nvidia graphics card desde the past pair of years, you can make usar of los built-in NVENC encoder. Otherwise, you’ll want to stick con OBS’ default software program x264 encoder. Make certain you hit Apply to confirm the changes.


Step 3: enter your stream key

Return come Twitch’s website and go back to los creator dashboard. Click on Preferences and then select the Channel option from the drop-down menu. This will certainly take friend to uno page con your Primary present Key, as well as other options. Find los stream crucial area, y then press los copy button next to it. If your stream an essential gets common somewhere the shouldn’t, you can always reset that here, too. Walk ahead and enter your stream vital into OBS by clicking Settings in the bottom right, followed by Stream, and you’ll see where to enter los key. Be certain to clic Apply to make los changes.


Step 4: plug in your microphone and set up her game

Now it’s tiempo to collection up los audio gadgets for your stream. Take ns look at ns Audio Mixer area in OBS. The should currently have at least los volume bar set up for your desktop. If it doesn’t, friend can include it manually following the same accuse you’re walk to use to include your microphone. In OBS, situate the Settings button in the bottom-right area of the application.

Clicking this will open up your setups window. Walk ahead and navigate down to los Audio tab. Below you can add or remove audio tools as needed. Make sure that Desktop Audio is set to the correct item of hardware and then locate the Mic/Aux audio options. You can collection your microphone here. When you’ve selected your mic y desktop audio, return to the main OBS window y you need to see your audio coming v in los mixer on the bottom.


Originally, OBS didn’t offer native support for mac desktop audio. This concern has to be resolved con updates, though.

Next, open up the juego you desire to stream y take un look at the Sources food selection towards los bottom the OBS. Find ns + switch at the bottom of ns Sources area and press it. It should pull up uno list that items. Ns easiest way to catch gameplay is come use los Display record option. This enables you to catch an entire desktop screen. However, the also means that any type of sensitive details on that screen might be shared, so be careful when making use of this option. If you desire to just capture the game, girlfriend can select the Game Capture option. It need to be noted, though, the some games — specifically those corriendo on Vulkan — won’t work correctly with OBS’ built-in game capture system.

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Step 5: Stream!

That’s every there is come it! Hit ns Start Streaming switch in the main OBS screen y you’ll instantly begin broadcasting desde your Twitch account. Once you’re done, just hit Stop Streaming.