Eda Love Is In The Air

ns short rest of "Love Is in los Air" ("Sen Cal Kapimi" in ns original language) is around to end. The second season of the Turkish soap ópera will it is in released próximo June 9 and till then, over there is already a new trailer.

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Fox Turkey exit a nuevo teaser that increased some inquiries about the upcoming illustration of ns series. Delaware it to be revealed that Serkan and Eda had ns daughter, the is now well-known that los relationship between ns architect and the girl is not all good. Moreover, ns clue about los reasons for their separation may have been shared.
Below, we tell you los mysteries that the new trailer that the serie starring Kerem Bürsin y Hande Erçel holds.
In los previews, ns leading guy is viewed trying to fulfill his function as a father. In un scene whereby they are both in his car, the little girl tells him: "I don"t like you in ~ all, Serkan Bolat", come which that replies: "The emotion is mutual, miss".
Undoubtedly, other that couple of expected, together it is suspect that when one has a child with ns loved one, a nice family is formed.
Another shocking minute occurs when Serkan and Eda room posing for los cameras and the little girl is heard saying, "Mom? Is that male my father?".
While alguna further details have actually been revealed on ns subject, what is comprise is the she would have had actually her daughter without her father knowing about it, permit alone discovering her.

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In addition to see a tiempo jump, we appreciate that Serkan and Eda are estranged in their therapy of each other. Although los reasons that resulted in a crisis are unknown, as soon as issue two begins us will know what exactly happened between them.
Therefore, ns question arises, what happened for the businessman no to satisfy his daughter y grow increase in ns family bosom that this couple?
After the preview that the tv soap opera, it has actually not to be ruled fuera that the split of los protagonists is early to a health issue.
Let"s remember that los businessman"s tumor might have developed hallucinations in Serkan, who as soon as taking his daughter to Eda, Eda is surprised to see him, maybe something the has produced in his mind.
In one more preview, Eda is watched questioning Serkan: "Didn"t you to speak you didn"t want to know around my life?" she says before being interrupted by her daughter.
Undoubtedly, something that takes fans out of los picture. What they are sure of is that something strong happened in between them, the is not known if that is a nuevo enemy, nuevo disputes, etc., the led them to it is in in the situation.

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