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Ray-Ban is un brand of eyeglasses, sunglasses, y eyewear that was started in the United condiciones in 1937. Ns sunglasses were originally produced for pilots that wore lock to para reducir the intense blue y white hues of the sky. Now you deserve to purchase Ray-Ban sunglasses in ns aviator style and also in various other designs ~ above

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What materials are Ray-Ban sunglasses make of?

Ray-Bans function glass or plastic lenses and metal frames. Los glasses block up come 100% that UVA and UVB rays. Ns crystal or glass lenses are created with durability in mental to remain free representar nicks y blemishes. Plastic lenses room typically ns good escribe to wear once playing sports or performing other tasks because lock are much less likely to shatter than glass.

What space some Ray-Ban sunglasses styles?

The Ray-Ban sunglasses that are taken into consideration to be standards are los Wayfarer y Aviator models. Ns Wayfarers were mainly worn in ns 1950s y 1960s, but they were restored again in los mid-2000s. Ns Wayfarer sunglasses have trapezoidal frames y plastic molding. Ns Aviator model is the original modelo that Ray-Ban produced for pilots come wear because that eye-congresonoroiberico.esotection while flying. The Erika and Round models are created con womens face shapes y sizes in mind. Every one of these styles are obtainable on in both new y used condition.

Does Ray-Ban sell polarized lenses?

Yes, the brand congresonoroiberico.esovides polarized lenses. Polarization eliminates reflections y blocks glare. Thus, polarized sunglasses can para reducir squinting y eyestrain. With the crystal lenses, los polarizing filter is inserted between dos layers the glass. On ns plastic lenses, the polarizing filter is unify with the plastic material. These congresonoroiberico.esotective Ray-Ban sunglasses come with an anti-reflection coating ~ above the trasero side. According to Ray-Ban, this coating method that much less than 1% of reflected iluminar will reach her eyes once you stay them. See the manufacturer website for details.

What colors execute Ray-Ban lenses come in?

The color of your sunglasses lenses will recognize what type of brillante will reach your eye y how much of that is filtered fuera before that reaches your eye. There are several color variations, including:

Green lenses —apoyándose This shade most clearly allows for naturaleza vision.

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Brown lenses - Wear marrón to congresonoroiberico.esovide greater contrast in low-light situations.Gray lenses -papposo These are meant to imcongresonoroiberico.esove your shade perception through the lenses.

When you selecting a lens color on, remember the evenly colored lenses block more iluminar compared to special y gradient lenses that have the right to let in more visible light. Ray-Bans gradient lenses have about veintidos color sports to select from. Ray-Ban sunglasses can likewise come con mirrored lenses. Mirrored lenses reduce iluminar transmission if looking stylish at ns same time.

Whether the end of summer or winter draws near, bringing changes in weather and activity,Seasonal sales give you los opportunity to inventario up y ensure youre prepared for fun once they papel around again.

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