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uncertain of his sister's fate, ns boy enters style Award Winner.What the press said:“Limbo is as close come perfect in ~ what it does as a game can get.”10/10 – Destructoid“The game is un masterpiece.”5/5 – GiantBomb“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius.”5/5 – los Escapist“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is ns world the deserves to be explored.”5/5 – JoystiqWinner of more than cien awards, including:Gameinformer’s “Best Downloadable”Gamespot’s “Best Puzzle Game”Kotaku’s “The ideal Indie Game”GameReactor’s “Digital juego of ns Year”Spike TV’s “Best live independence Game”X-Play’s “Best can be downloaded Game”IGN’s “Best fear Game”

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Limbo is a gripping blend of stark, haunting landscapes, bizarre characters, and unsettling sounds. Con clever puzzle design, an attractive narrative, and an great touch-screen control system, the as rewarding to jugar as the is interesting to look at at y listen to.

Unravel: Morbid Edition


If did you do it played Unravel, you’ll notice a lot of similarities in Limbo; ns cute personality in an unknown world, fixing puzzles to progression through ns beautiful, dream-like landscape. Los difference right here is that Limbo takes that one action further y let’s friend die. Now, identificación don’t mean morir like “oops identificación messed up y have come go regreso to shot again. Identificación mean like, “caught in a bear trap con blood splattering” die. Los thing is... That beautiful. It’s not red blood y gore, yet you definitely have moments where you say, “oh wow.” I’ve just been play for less than dos hours, and I’m in love with los game. My only complaint is that the controls feel as well touchy. To move, you slightly drag your finger in los direction you want to move. But there are veces when you require to gain close come harmful items to relocate them, yet you coincidentally nudge too much y end up dying. Me gustaría feel favor an choice to have a small directional pad in ns corner of the screen would be easier. However, this is ns minor annoyance rather than ns game-breaker. I hope you enjoy the game as lot as identificación am!

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it met my expectations, and then some...

I am a juego developer myself and while i will acknowledge that some of los art y graphics of Limbo influenced some the in my first juego “Rubberband Stan,” i never actually played Limbo. I read reviews about it saying that ns controls to be frustrating at times but me gustaría did not suffer that. In fact, me gustaría felt los controls for los iOS mobile variation were nearly flawless because that what the juego is. You could even usar just one finger (or thumb) if you want to—though it’s much easier to usar two. Identificación do expect that this game has ns very narrow target market. Basically, if you delighted in games prefer “Another World” (also dubbed “Out the This World”) or perhaps los very an initial “Prince that Persia” ~ above PC, then this juego is for you!! There to be certainly tiempo that i felt “stuck” y I ultimately “cheated” by the town hall bits of walkthrough videos, yet it was at no fault of los developers of los game—I to be really just too lazy and/or impatient to ilustración things out. Overall, Limbo was un great experience and exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with!!!!

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