Lobo Adolescentes Temporada 3 Capitulo 5

An fauna bite turns a high schooler into a werewolf and he all of sudden becomes a star athlete and chick magnet. But he additionally faces a new set of problems.

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When his finest friend persuades Scott come join un search in ns woods for uno missing body, other comes el fin of ns dark to take ns bite out of his side.


Aware that he's become a werewolf, Scott must deal with hunters make the efforts to captura him, an additional werewolf y the pressure of daily teen life.


Scott's very first date with Allison fin up in ns confusion of ns dreaded "group date" con Lydia and Jackson in tow.


A nuevo hunter in city puts Derek's life in danger, forcing him to do reluctant allies el fin of Scott and Stiles.

A new animal attack entailing Lydia y Jackson raises an ext questions around wild animals. Meanwhile, Scott y Allison skip school.

Stiles y Scott come up with ways to control his change so he have the right to be with Allison, and Derek continues trying to make an allied of Scott.

Trapped in ns high school at night, Scott y his friends face los threat that attack representar a powerful werewolf do the efforts to acquire in.

With Derek on los run from Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles must aid Scott challenge his second completamente moon as uno werewolf.

Clues, including un previous encounter with Derek, bring Jackson to ns dangerous supposition about Scott -- one that threatens both of their lives.

Scott finds self scrambling come protect los people that loves, including Allison -- who starts to monitor clues about her family history.

Struggling con family secrets, Allison turns her focus to Scott and a college dance. Meanwhile, tensions between werewolves y hunters boil over.

Caught in ns midst of a war between hunters and werewolves, Scott finds ns clue the helps him enlist friends and a former opponent to stop ns killings.

Scott's relationship con Allison continues to challenge disapproval from her parents, while new Alpha Derek attempts to kind his pack.

When Lydia walk missing representar the hospital, werewolves y hunters alike begin un search to find not only where she is, but what she's become.

When Isaac is taken into custody, Scott, Stiles y Derek deal with to rest him el fin before ns Argents gain him, and before he transforms into un werewolf.

Scott struggles to avoid Derek desde creating new werewolves, while Argent begins Allison's training, and a nuevo creature in town takes one more victim.

When a nuevo shapeshifter strikes again, Scott recruits un reluctant Allison come acquire ns rare book from Gerard, then should endure an additional family dinner.

Derek becomes persuaded that Lydia is the shapeshifter they're after, forcing Scott to conference his friends and even some opponents to safeguard her.

Armed con startling information about the shapeshifter, Scott y Stiles rush to protect ns others, when Allison's family assigns her a vital task.

Lydia makes connections about ns bite representar Peter, while Jackson causes problems because that Scott y Stiles, and Derek concerns his management abilities.

At a secret concert, Scott y Stiles hatch a destinado a to catch the nuevo shapeshifter. Meanwhile, Allison's mother has actually her own destinado a to take treatment of Scott.

Even as his relationship con Allison becomes much more strained, Scott attends Lydia's birthday party. Derek locks up his new wolves throughout the lleno moon.

After ns shocking revelation, Scott and his friends end up being hostages in los Sheriff's Station; chaos erupts once Allison monitor Derek to ns station.

Scott must aid win the campeonato lacrosse juego while figuring out how to protect against Gerard. Meanwhile, Allison and Argent hunt because that Derek and his wolves.

After a shocking death on ns lacrosse field, Scott and friends shot to uncover Gerard's master destinado a while Derek has actually other ideas about taking him down.

This season of the lupine drama finds Scott fighting to protect his pal Derek when ns lethal pack of Alpha werewolves involves Beacon Hill.

In the season premiere, a new Alpha fill arrives come wreak destruction on Scott's life. Meanwhile, Derek y Isaac search desperately because that Erica and Boyd.

Allison y Lydia stumble upon ns potential clue come finding Boyd and Erica. Meanwhile, Stiles' childhood friend disappears.

With Boyd and Cora on los loose y under the completamente moon's influence, Scott and Derek have to turn to an unlikely allied for help.

While Scott tries to avert a deadly confrontation, Stiles attempts to prove his concept that los killings have nothing to do with werewolves.

During a bus ride to ns cross-country meet, Scott and his girlfriend flash trasero to ns pre-emptive win against los Alphas.

Stranded at ns motel, Scott y the rather grapple with strange experiences the make castle think members the their group may be the killer's targets.

As the danger come closer to Scott -- threatening his reliable mentor y boss -- Deaton, Kali y the pair go after Derek.

While hearne to story told by dos unlikely narrators, Scott, Allison and Stiles find a secreto about the color of a werewolf's eyes.

Allison suspects the someone close to her is involved in ns killings. Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles think Lydia might be ns key to solving the murders.

Trapped within an evacuated centro de salud during a storm, Scott and Derek must protect themselves against the Alphas when figuring fuera de how to conserve Cora.

Scott is forced to make ns difficult choice to save his friends y family. Meanwhile, Derek y Peter shot to conserve Cora's life.

Scott y his friend perform ns dangerous routine to help save los lives of los people castle love y stop Deucalion from achieving his sinister goal.

Scott, Stiles and Allison endure strange lado effects desde their ritualistic sacrifice. Meanwhile, Stilinski digs up viejo cases.

An unlikely allied comes to ns aid the Derek y Peter. Meanwhile, Scott and his comrades gyeongju to catch the Werecoyote.

Scott y his friend are forced to step in when un convicted killer escapes representar custody on los night before Halloween.

With Beacon Hills debajo curfew, the teens throw ns black-light Halloween party. Meanwhile, Scott make the efforts to knife Kira's trust in the midst of one attack.

As Scott's friends try to protect him desde the demonic ninjas, Stiles looks for Melissa's help in figuring fuera de what's happening with him.

Scott y the others set off on un desperate search as soon as Stiles vanishes in ns middle of los night. Meanwhile, Lydia do the efforts to grasp her new skills.

With indicators of sabotage all around them, Scott and the grupo attempt to figure out exactly how to avert ns disaster.

While Scott and his friends look for a grave Japanese artifact, Stiles grapples with a difficult decision at a mental hospital.

A story told by Kira's mother about un World war II Japanese-American internment camp offers un vital clue to defeating ns enemy.

Scott y Lydia team up in un desperate effort to gain los upper hand. Meanwhile, Stilinski faces uno review board.

As Kira deals with an unexpected foe, Scott and his friends try to survive against an adversary farming increasingly stronger.

Hit by disaster y on los brink of gift defeated, Scott y Derek speak to on your allies to make one last stand.

Still healing from tragic losses, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira regreso to a new semester that school con worries more human than supernatural.

On un trip come Mexico, Scott learns the Kate Argent has actually taken Derek, and the coporación, grupo sets fuera to find for him in ns abandoned town of La Iglesia.

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Kate abducts Derek delaware he assaults Deaton, and Scott finds an unlikely allied in Peter as he tries come put a stop come Kate's plan.

Stiles convinces Scott to usar his powers on the campo when a new freshman endangers to upstage them. Stilinski probes a horrific murder.

The Mute attacks Peter, climate tangles con Derek at ns school. Lydia cracks ns code in los Mute's computer y uncovers shocking information.

When Malia stops working to aid Lydia understand her powers, they look for help representar Meredith Walker. Scott, Stiles y Kira watch el fin for Liam at the lacrosse game.

Garrett hold Liam hostage in an attempt to gain Violet el fin of police custody. Stiles, Lydia and Deputy Parrish seek fuera Meredith because that help.

A quarantine is authorize when ns virus diffusion through ns high school, creciente Scott, Stiles, Kira y Malia inside.

Scott is in ~ the centrar of ns risky destinadas to determine the Benefactor's identity. Peter and Malia work to track down Malia's mother.

Deputy Parrish survives an attempt on his life. After Lydia reveals an ext about her grandmother's past, she y Stiles walk to Eichen House.

Scott, Derek, Kira y the others mountain an assault against the hunters. Lydia's details helps Stiles y Malia learn much more about los Dead Pool.

Deaton seeks out information around Derek during uno visit come Eichen House. Liam is haunted through nightmares about the Berserkers.

Scott go on ns rampage in ~ La Iglesia, however when the pack arrives, they're may be to aid him break free desde Kate's spell.

Though Scott has done his part to keep los pack safe, he's still gained his work-related cut fuera for the trying to patch increase his damaged relationship with Kira.

Senior year that high school starts tomorrow for Scott and his pack, but very first they'll conference both a new adversary y an viejo ally.

Lydia tries to help a student who's troubled by terrifying nightmares. Stiles has actually suspicions around another student and sets el fin to prove lock true.

A new shapeshifter appears, putting Stilinski in danger, y Scott is on ns trail. Malia makes uno discovery about her mother.

Stiles sets el fin on the trail of un fugitive. Meanwhile, Liam tries come help fuera de Mason when los two of them hit uno nightclub.

In an effort to gain much more information about ns Dread Doctors, los pack renders its method into Eichen House.

After Scott y company follow through on the advice lock get from Dr. Valack, unforeseen things start to happen.

When an attack from the Dread doctors arrives, it puts Scott's plans to protect the latest victim in jeopardy.

Scott and Malia set fuera de to save their friend who have been captured. Deaton learns something incredibly disturbing about los Dread Doctors.

When desperate times call for desperate measures, Scott looks to an unexpected source for aid. Stiles y Lydia inspection Parrish.

The load comes up versus its most difficult desafío to date. Both their lives and their relationships are put on the line in ns process.

In spite of ns deep rift between them, Scott y Stiles must work together to identify the mysterious infection that's killing the town sheriff.

Scott and Stiles inspection an attack by ns creature lock soon recognize as the Dread Doctors' último Chimera, and realize they need to reunite your pack.

The Skinwalkers cheque Kira's ability to direccion herself con a prueba fight versus an Oni. Lydia learns an ext about her half an hour powers desde Meredith.

As Scott do the efforts to placed his pack back together and rescue Lydia, Malia y a new ally set out to rescue Deaton desde the Desert Wolf.

After learning Lydia is in impending danger, Stiles creates ns desperate destinadas to rest her el fin of Eichen House. However Theo has his very own plans because that her.

Trapped in Eichen casa with Theo and his Chimera pack, Scott must shot to rescue Lydia representar the clutches that Valack before it's as well late.

Scott and his fill use un charity lacrosse game in a deadly bid come learn ns identity of the Beast, but they can't stop him representar going on un rampage.

Hoping come align con a familiar ally, the Argents reveal a clue to ns mystery of ns Beast that Gevaudan, while Scott take away on the Beast himself.

With los identity of los Beast revealed, Scott and his friends gyeongju against tiempo to stop los Dread Doctors representar implementing their eventualmente plan.

Loyalties room tested y alliances forged when Scott y his friends shot to stop los Beast before Beacon Hills is destroyed, yet a nuevo threat emerges.

Scott y the pack cabeza into the por último days of high school, unaware of the darkness and danger the lie in wait.

Liam and Hayden find uno boy named Alex, who parents are missing. More investigation reveals the they to be abducted by un man top top horseback.

Corey discovers that he can see the Ghost Riders after turning invisible. Mason y Corey see los Riders abduct ns student.

Mr. Douglas, a new physics teacher, is revealed to be an ext sinister 보다 he appears. The pack rallies to keep un friend safe from the Riders.

Lydia continues to look for clues that will assist her discover Stiles. Los pack takes steps to protect everyone at the party who saw the Ghost Rider.

Stiles finds self trapped in a mysterious train station. Scott, Lydia and Malia uncover Stiles’s Jeep in ns school parking lot.

Scott, Lydia and Malia find for hints about los Ghost Riders in an exit town. Liam and Hayden devise a destinado a to fight ns Riders.

Lydia starts to suspect that Claudia isn't that -- or what -- she appears to be. Ns pack captures un Ghost Rider y tries come interrogate it.

Scott, Lydia y Malia decisión to storm the rift in un desperate attempt to obtain Stiles back. Liam, Hayden and Mason make a transacción with Theo.

Lydia, Malia and Scott intensify their efforts to lug Stiles back. In ns meantime, ns Ghost Riders continue to inflict casualties.

With the fate the Beacon Hills hanging in the balance, Scott and his pack face off versus Douglas in a por último showdown.

A hellhound escapes from Eichen casa to warn of a danger exit by ns pack. New guidance counselor Monroe has a hidden agenda.

Scott and Malia look for out chris for aid identifying uno bullet. Jordan runs right into trouble investigating los hellhound's origins.

Scott, Lori and Malia track uno wounded Brett while that flees representar a pair of hunters. Chris and Melissa try to identify uno corpse.

With war looming, Scott y Chris seek a peace summit with Chris's father, Gerard. Liam faces a town wherein everyone to know what he is.

Scott y the pack try to get two new werewolves released desde police custody, just to have the station surrounding by hunters.

Theo and Liam draw the hunters come an exit zoo. Ns pack breaks right into Gerard's armory, but ns facility is booby-trapped.

Jackson y Ethan return from London yet are recorded by Monroe. Scott and Malia try to recruitment an army to struggle Gerard.

Scott y Liam trace los phone of un dead Primal to un teacher. Scott and Malia's romance heats up. Gerard allies with ns Anuk-Ite.

Gerard and Monroe arm the town the Beacon Hills, however Scott is convinced that uno war deserve to be averted by destroying los Anuk-Ite.

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Gerard marshals his forces for a eventualmente attack on Beacon Hills, pushing Scott to make a painful sacrifice to save ns town.

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