Pantheon: rise of the fallen

In ns age of Twitch/Youtube streamers y reactionists, what impact do they have actually on uno fledgling game?

I think castle provide a great 'hook' to lug in new people and get hype y interest going. Me gustaría am afraid the they have the right to be part of los locust effect though when/if they protect against streaming and their audience goes with them. Identificación also think by castle streaming your 'moments that awe' or ceo kills etc.. They take away from the depth of the experience for civilization watching their stream.

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There were several an excellent memories common in los 'Moments of Awe' post. Would certainly those memories have been together vivid if you had already watched someone else do/kill/experience the memory?

I love watching streams.. Yet is it ns double edged sword?

I have uno fond storage of an endure that taken place either as soon as beta experimentation EQ2 or shortly delaware launch. My wife y I play together and we had just finished ns griffon egg quest out side of Qeynos. We clicked on the griffon trainer at ns top of los griffin spire and all of los sudden the camera angle changed and my halfling warrior to be flying on the trasero of uno huge griffin. It was an unexpected moment of awe.

I hope to have many ir a buscar moments in Pantheon.

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What execute you think are los components of an awe inspiring moment?

How do modern juego streamers influence those experiences?


On Sunday June 20th, We will be debuting an dieciocho minute historia about one of my favorite components of my treinta hour prueba session back in May. This will be ns first open up discussion around the treinta hour prueba session, and will take you on uno journey along with us as we speak about ns specific adventure in Halnir's cave that identificación don't believe anyone outside of VIP (and also most VIPs) have ever seen.

We would prefer to thank ns team in ~ VR because that working con us on publication this story and we expect you will certainly all reap it. To shot to make this much more of an role play experience, this is the first audio story identificación have placed together con changing music, ambiance, and sound effects to shot to yes, really paint uno picture of our adventure. We hope you'll come sign up with us for the live premiere ~ above YouTube at 12pm EST this upcoming Sunday. Delaware our conventional intro, y shout fuera de to ours supporters, we will certainly go right right into this story. I hope we view you there, together we always have a great grupo for los live premieres in ns live chat.

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Big update to add -papposo We are super thankful that comunidad Member TheGreatVindini will be donating ns $100 Legate Pledge for giveaway during los show! This comunidad is AWESOME! come get un chance come win the pledge, simply be around for los live premiere, sign up in los chat, and towards the fin of the admitir we'll offer away los pledge to one lucky listener.