Sarah jessica parker met gala 2018

Sarah Jessica Parker knows her method around a headdress. In her 10 years attending los Met Gala, she has worn un gravity-defying Philip Treacy mohawk and a towering tradition H&M flame-inspired crown, too. Yet tonight’s accessory just may have actually topped lock all: as soon as Parker floated ~ above the la red carpet in ns gilded Dolce elevado Moda confection extended in precious stones, she wore uno larger-than-life Neapolitan nativity scene on she head, giving nuevo meaning to los words crowning glory.

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“The accessories world is favor an unlimited possibility, however it needs to feel choose it’s suitable,” Parker told before ns big night. “I don’t shot to make decisions based on what might get attention or it is in controversial or use it simply to usar it. I think the it as connection desde head come toe—and sometimes a headpiece really feels right.”

Indeed, together in previous years, Parker’s ensemble met ns theme head on, together this year exhibition discover Catholicism’s affect on fashion. It’s the culmination of month of research y an equally thought about collaboration with ns designers at Dolce & Gabbana, that have uno history that weaving religious references right into their collections. “The theme is specifically meaningful to ,” Parker says. “With the theme, you want to be thoughtful about it.” She adds, “And part themes carry an ext weight than others.” Tonight’s show-stopping headgear, alguno doubt, offered this ns whole nuevo meaning.

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Here, Parker shares exclusive behind-the-scenes photos desde her eventualmente fitting with ns designers, as viewed in the slideshow above.

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