Temporada Final Las Chicas Del Cable

Cable girls (Las Chicas del Cable) is over. I’m sad writing those words, for number of reasons. Me gustaría loved ns chicas desde the beginning. I loved your friendship, your grit, their battle for autonomy, their schemes and dreams. I loved los gender identity historia line. There are some spoiler ahead.

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Cable girls (Las Chicas de Cable) came to Netflix in June, 2017. I’ve the review every season of ns series. It can be soapy y melodramatic, full of fue solutions come an endless array of problems. Identificación didn’t care. Me gustaría loved those women almost as much as they loved every other. Los ones left in the fight at the fin were Lidia (Blanca Suárez), Carlota (Ana Fernández), Marga (Nadia ese Santiago), and Oscar (Ana Polvorosa).

Because this was ns end, the storytelling changed. Us learned that Lidia’s voice overs may have been un book she wrote about los adventures of her friends. There were many call-backs to the beginning the tied characters y story currently into finish arcs. There were conclusions drawn about sacrifice y struggle. Over there was un lot of saying goodbye. It to be the finalmente act.

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When we left Lidia in ~ the end of season 5, part 1, she to be in ns re-education acampar under los terrifying eye of los evil Doña Carmen (Concha Velasco). Through miscellaneous schemes and machinations los friends managed to get Lidia out.


Almost los same 2nd Lidia escaped, un very pregnant Marga, Carlota, and Oscar were taken into the camp. So, the course, they had actually to be gotten out.

Francisco (Yon González) was in Spain, con Sofia (Denisse Peña). They helped plan the escape. Pablo (Nico Romero) was being pursued to get in prison himself, yet he helped, too.

Las Chicas acquired what they wanted con blackmail, bribes, deals con untrustworthy people, y chutzpah. Together the final act of your adventurous career, they made decision to free not just their friends yet to empty fuera de the entirety prison. Collection everyone free. The serie raised ns stakes – los women weren’t just rescuing y helping each other, they were fighting because that all los women of Spain. Against uno background that Franco’s Spain after the cortés War, their story became epic.

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The eventualmente exploit came at a high price, which they paid willingly. I’m sorry it’s gastos generales – did identificación say the already? me gustaría want much more seasons, more time with these characters. Thanks to all ns actors, writers, directors, musicians, y crew for 5 great seasons! You carried so many fanes many hours of happiness.

Be sure to watch ns ending credits. There’s some wonderful fan letras to enjoy as ns credits roll.


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