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Manipulated into embezzling funds for her boyfriend y sentenced to prison, ns naïve joven woman must easily learn to make it through in a harsh new world.

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The whole female cast, consisting of Maggie Civantos (" Girls" y Alba flor (" Heist", won olas Awards for ideal Actress ~ above Spain TV.
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Manipulated right into embezzling funds for she boyfriend y sentenced to prison, ns naïve joven woman must quickly learn to endure in un harsh nuevo world.

Macarena’s life is shattered once she’s sentenced to seven la edad in jail for contador crimes, un fact she battles to hide desde her parents.

Sole suffers un health crisis, and Macarena scrambles to find ns way come warn her parents the they're in imminent danger.

Macarena gyeongju against uno deadline to pay back her farming debt come Anabel. Los SIM card goes missing y changes posesión multiple times.

When Zulema y Anabel harass Valbuena, that pits the two versus each other. Rizos it s okay an sell she can't refuse, even if it means betraying Macarena.

As the scene in ns woods plays el fin in flashbacks, Rizos learns she should get ns job on ns outside, y Zulema reveals a secreto to Saray's family.

Anabel efectivo Macarena to pick up an ext drugs for she via un conjugal visit with un stranger. Leopoldo y Román track debajo the Egyptian's camper van.

Maca comes to realize she has proof of she relationship con Simón: their unborn son. Yet getting the fetus's DNA tested will be alguna easy task.

Macarena's feel of attraction come Rizos overwhelm her -- y confuse her. Leopoldo suffers uno serious setback. Zulema attempts to escape.

Zulema and Saray host Macarena hostage in order to force los release of the Egyptian, yet Leopoldo desires Hanbal to disclose where los money is first.

Macarena agrees to be Rizos's girlfriend. Sandoval make the efforts to convince Miranda to send Macarena, who's having actually visions of un cat, to a psychiatric prison.

A donor love becomes easily accessible for Sole. Zulema uses Leopoldo the Egyptian in exchange for 8 million euros. Macarena makes an untimely discovery.

An opening new head of security efectivo Macarena and the other inmates of cruz del sur to do everything it takes to survive.

An accident scares Macarena into fleeing abroad with ns other escapees. Fabio makes a decision about his marriage. Miranda picks un security chief.

Sandoval's mam gets ns shock. Karim efectivo Zulema's lawyer to offer him uno lead on the Egyptian. Castillo's find of the Ferreiro página de inicio turns harrowing.

Castillo turns versus Leopoldo and breaks his guarantees to aid Macarena. The police are assigned a new case involving a missing teenager girl.

Macarena goes to an excellent lengths to email Karim. Single tracks debajo the family members of ns heart donor. Saray y Macarena discover what Valbuena did to Rizos.

Under ns guise of ns conjugal visit, Zulema shares ns secret destinadas with Román that will benefit them both. In solitary, Saray drops prey come Sandoval.

An undercover cop from Fabio's past y a suspect in ns case of los missing teen enter ns prison. Encarna brings ns Egyptian's ashes come his mother.

An outbreak of food poisoning prompts the inmates to launch a defiant protest. Macarena is granted a 24-hour leave, which takes uno startling turn.

Susana tells Helena she had un daughter. Sandoval shares un suspicion con Miranda around her husband. Fernando surprises sole with uno request.

Zulema contrives to damage Susana's commitment to she husband. Sole and Fernando have actually their conjugal visit. In Morocco, Román searches for the money.

Rizos proposes a sexy fundraiser because that Macarena's corporación defense. Palacios makes a confession come Fabio. Zulema goes to extremes to get fuera de of solitary.

Amaia's parents ask to watch Zulema. Once Rizos is jumped because that taking over the drug trade, Macarena searches for un way to strip Anabel of her power.

Sole is scared off by the hope Fernando supplies her. A judge hears Zulema's request for ns deal. Fabio makes un change in plans that stuns Macarena.

Sole's big day arrives. Sandoval receives an offer. As hora runs out, Macarena ruthlessly make the efforts to force Zulema to disclose Amaia's location.

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The core grupo of la cruz del Sur's inmates space transferred come a nuevo prison, where ns merciless, insular gang is in charge y planning one ambitious escape.

Due to overcrowding, Macarena and her friends -- and enemies -- are transferred come a new prison. Single gets news around her husband that interests Anabel.

The Chinese gang provides Mercedes ns mission. Fabio payment Macarena ns visit. Altagracia executes one illicit plan to find fuera de who killed her colleague.

Altagracia learns an upsetting truth about Unai. Saray obtain shocking news representar her mother. The Chinese corridor spots Anabel steal their medicine trade.

Zulema to learn about los Chinese gang's escape plan and drug-smuggling method, and takes steps to hijack both. Sole looks for to avenge her husband's murder.

Mercedes's daughter walk missing. Altagracia's investigation of los cash uncovered in Unai's locker puts a target on she back. Tere again faces temptation.

A smuggling break down causes chaos in the henhouse. Mercedes learns who was actually behind her daughter's disappearance. Rojas share her bad news.

Per an Easter tradition, a superar del phia băc inmate is selected to it is in pardoned. Con Altagracia's help, Zulema negotiates a trato with ingredientes Fang.

Altagracia sets fuera to avenge Unai's murder. Zulema decides to meet her promise to Saray. Mercedes gets recorded in ns showdown between sibling rivals.

A nuevo director y a jailer-turned-inmate come at superar del Norte. Zulema is rejoined with uno long-lost relative, while single gets life-changing news.

A familia face becomes la cruz del Norte's director, y an ex-jailer arrives as an inmate. Zulema does everything it bring away to prevent going trasero to prison.

An inmate dares to swipe the drugs left in ns middle of the floor. Altagracia uses her understanding of the prison's inner operations to devise one escape.

When Zulema refuses to expose Altagracia's location, all the inmates receive ns same penalty she gets. Sole provides Tere a grave responsibility.

Goya instantly preys upon Fátima. Zulema and Altagracia try to pressure Sandoval's hand by targeting the person the cares around most: his ex-wife.

An inmate says ns difficult goodbye. Ns choir performs at a retirement home, where some of ns singers use los opportunity to stock up on drugs.

Sad news leader Tere to ns happy reunion. Sandoval lastly succeeds in awakening Zulema's maternal instinct and uses that as ns weapon versus her.

An inmate comes regreso from the brink the death. Sandoval sets out to complete his mission that revenge. Sole's leave strategy hits ns snag.

Two old flames are reunited. Sole leaves ~ above her very own terms, when Zulema decides what Sandoval's finishing will be. Ns inmates' fates room revealed.

After two years together partners in crime, Zulema and Macarena recruit four an ext women for ns heist worth millions, come take ar at ns narco's family wedding.

After two years, Macarena wants out of los armed robbery business. However Zulema has one final heist in mind, y they'll require expert assist to pull it off.

As the wedding festivities obtain underway, ns phony waitstaff job-related their method to the safe. Uno flashback recalls the trabaja Zulema was released from prison.

Goya and Triana space tasked con getting to escape of ns hostage. The hotel owner reveals her intentions to her son. Macarena learns she's been tricked.

Macarena confronts Ama con her discovery. Zulema is required to show the cops wherein she hid the diamonds. Slim's husband concerns his wife's rescue.

A remind reveals los source of Zulema's hallucinations. Teenager Vivi has uno disturbing encounter. Slim runs right into trouble at ns hospital.

Goya sees her 15-year-old self in bullied Lucas, that tries come escape his misery. Ramala sets fuera de to find y kill Mónica. Vivi seeks help from Zulema.

In un flashback, Macarena and Zulema spend an eventful nuevo Year's night together. To negotiate his daughter's release, Ramala stop Macarena hostage.

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Cepo expose a secret that can save his crew from Ramala. Triana chooses love above all. Zulema decides if she must die, it'll it is in on her own terms.

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