Ver pelicula 3 metros sobre el cielo 2

This historia takes location in barna with two young world who belong to various worlds. Babi is un rich girl who wants to find los love of her life, y Hugo is a hombre who likes speed, violence y motorcycles. Lock both have two very different lives. A serie of events make Babi and Hugo meet. They begin to have feelings for each other, although the relationship is almost impossible.

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DirectorsFernando González MolinaStarringMario Casas, María ValverdeGenresDrama, DocumentarySubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEspañol
Included with Pantaya top top because that $5.99/month after trial

StudioSomos NextRatingR (Restricted)Purchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime vídeo (streaming en línea video)DevicesAvailable to watch on sustained devices
Kimberly CruzReviewed in ns United states on may 6, 2020
I love this movie and I can perfectly know it in Spanish but i wanted to reloj it with my boyfriend and he doesn"t recognize Spanish fully, so i wasn"t may be to respecto it con him since when me gustaría played the movie that didn"t give me los option for english subtitles! It simply shows Spanish subtitles or off subtitles and that"s it! no SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH!
sabeeenReviewed in los United condiciones on June 11, 2020
It plainly says there room subtitles in English obtainable but as soon as you empezar the movie you just have los option to mirar it con Spanish subtitles. If identificación had recognized this me gustaría would have actually never started ns trial. Me gustaría was yes, really looking forward to watching this movie this is an extremely disappointing.
SoulsSongReviewed in ns United principal on agosto 10, 2017
This movie reminded me a lot of part of los movies do in ns US in ns 70s y early 80s with un kind of modern day Romeo and Juliet vibe, alot that violence with an on and off teen romance. The acting to be good y lots that pretty deals with on cast. Together others have actually mentioned, over there are no English subtitles ~ above this movie disc.
F55CHEVYReviewed in los United condiciones on February 1, 2021
This is definitely ns must check out film. Mario casa really brings his poor boy character to life in this epic película of drama, love, and betrayal. Girlfriend can practically feel los character"s pain. MC absolutely walk this película justice.
Ex really wanted to watch this, me gustaría had come grit my teeth y watched it. Partly responsible for los downfall of ours relationship. Absolute garbage in all means possible.

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I formerly bought ns dvd version yet wanted come get ns blu Ray. This is just one of my favorite movies. Mario Casas and Maria Valverde portray dos young civilization that loss in love. Not complicated to accomplish since castle actually fell in love in real life y dated for cuatro years. Identificación love Mario"s funny, dangerous however sentimental personality. Girlfriend really acquire to feeling for this characters. Overall, this movie is amazing and came in as soon as expected. Very satisfied.
I love this movie. Los only reason I"m giving one star is because identificación ordered y PAID because that blu-ray and received a regularmente DVD the this movie. Paid $26 for ns blu-ray y they ended up sending out DVD version. Not really happy.Me encanta ser pelicula. La unica razon por la como le doy laa estrella es porque ordené y PAGUE de la version blu-ray del esta pelicula y recibi la pelicula aun en DVD. Pague $26 vía blu-ray. Alguna para q me enviaran la peli en DVD regular. Nada de contenta ese estoy.
it remind me mine teenager age. For this reason romantic y sky spirit. The is too good to remember how passionate y dramatic have the right to be los love at this age y how friend really feeling in a dream and near come sky.

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