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* protection Status

PRIVACY POLICY, SL hereby informs los user of its privacy policy applied to los personal data processed ~ above its website

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Use of ns website does not imply that ns user must provide any information regarding their identity and may not be connected with ns specific user by ns company. Need to personal datos be provided, this data shall be collected y used under los limitations and rights set fuera de in los implementing regulation.

Who is the data Controller?

Company name:, SL

Tax identification Number: B03503034

Address: Marie Curie, 36, 03203 -papposo Elche (ALICANTE), Spain

Telephone: +34965682767

For what purpose perform we process your personal data?

At, SL we procedure your personal datos for the following purposes:

Development, fulfilment y execution the the sales contract regarding los products you have purchased, or any kind of other contract between ns parties.Respond to her request.Provide you con information around"s products, including, in connection with such products, sending commercial interactions by correo electrónico or any type of other tantamount electronic method of communication, and through phone call calls.

What is los legitimate communication for datos processing?

The corporación basis for handling your data is to comply with los contractual partnership governing purchases y their tracking, also as los legitimate attention in the case of sending out commercial information.

To whom will your data be disclosed?

Personal data will not be discover to 3rd parties unless legally required.

How long will we save your data?

The data will it is in kept listed you execute not unsubscribe desde the newsletter.

What room your permiso when you carry out us con your data?

You space entitled to obtain confirmation whether at, SL we are processing personal datos concerning you. You additionally have los right to access your empleado data, to request los rectification of inaccurate data or, wherein appropriate, come request your deletion when, among other reasons, the datos are alguna longer important for ns purposes because that which they to be collected.

In details circumstances, you may request uno restriction on los processing of your data, in which situation we will only keep your data for los purpose of handling complaints. ~ above grounds relating to your empleado situation, you may also object to los processing of your data., SL will cease processing los data, except on compelling legit grounds or for ns purpose of taking care of complaints. Please note that you may submit a complaint to the supervisory government at any time.

How walk we achieve your data?

The personal data we procedure has been listed directly by girlfriend on ns different forms accessible on los website.

Only identification y financial datos will be processed.

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PURCHASE CONDITIONS offers users with an on-line shopping service which permits them to acquisition some of ns items that us distribute through stores utilizing a computer or cell phone device. Users will likewise be able to take advantage of offers, gifts and special promotions designed particularly for them.

We invite you come read los following visión de conjunto Conditions that use to to buy of assets made using this website. In this context, usar of ns website way that the user agrees con the visión de conjunto Conditions. If friend have any kind of questions, please contact our customer solutions department.

The following problems govern tu, vete of products presented ~ above this website by the COOLSHOE S.L. Company, i m sorry is responsible for márketing assets on this website. COOLSHOE S.L. Belongs to los same business group as SLU.


Our obligation in connection with any product obtained on our website is límite strictly to the purchase price of los product in question.

Nothing in this purchase conditions excludes or boundaries our legal responsibility in any kind of way:In case of death or empleado injury brought about by our negligence.In situation of fraud or counterfeit.

With regard to any type of matters whereby we may not waive liability by law, we will restrict or effort to restrict our liability.

Notwithstanding los previous paragraph y insofar as permitted by law, y except when the present conditions provide otherwise, we accept alguna liability because that indirect loss stemming desde the key loss or damage that may take place in any way, whether led to by tort (including negligence), breach the contract or various other circumstances, also when these were foreseeable, including however not limited to the following:

Loss of revenue or salesLoss the businessLoss of profit or the contractsLoss of to save foreseenLoss that dataLoss of management tiempo or office hours

Due to ns open nature of this website y the danger of errors that may occur when storing y transmitting digital information, we execute not guarantee the accuracy or defense of the information transmitted or obtained by means of this website uneven expressly stated to los contrary.

All descriptions of products, information and materials showing up on this website are offered “as seen” and without express, implicit promises or any type of others.

As far as possible as allowed by law, we exclude every guarantees, nevertheless anything that might not lawfully it is in excluded desde consumers.

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The provisions the this clause execute not affect your statutory derecha as ns consumer, no one your best to cancel los contract.